2012 Quarters Proof Silver Set Released, Melt Value Starts at $26.85

Available from the United States Mint today, January 10, is its latest silver set featuring all five 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters. This is one of two annually issued silver sets released by the government agency each year, and the one with the lowest melt value as an upcoming standard proof silver set features more coins minted from 90% silver.

The 2012 Quarters Proof Silver Set is available for $41.95. The price could rise or fall over time based on how the silver market performs.

The 2012 set offers five 90% silver quarters honoring:

  • El Yunque Quarter representing El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico
  • Chaco Culture Quarter representing Chaco Culture National Historical Park of New Mexico
  • Acadia Quarter representing Acadia National Park of Maine
  • Hawaii Volcanoes Quarter representing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii
  • Denali Quarter representing Denali National Park of Alaska

Added together, the five listed quarters has a silver weight of 0.904 troy ounces. That amount is the reason the silver set costs more than typical proof sets from the United States Mint that contain cheaper metals. The set’s melt value using the London Fix silver price today of $29.69 an ounce is $26.85. The melt value will generally be the least the set is ever worth. (See how the set’s melt value has changed over the years and what it is right now.) As a collector product, its value to other coin collectors — as shown by the United States Mint’s price — is higher.

The United States Mint produces quarters at several locations in the United States. Those in the proof silver set are made in the San Francisco Mint and each of them has a ‘S’ mintmark which separates them from other quarters — coins produced for circulation have a ‘D’ or ‘P’ mintmark for Denver or Philadelphia.

The second silver set that the United States Mint will release this year is the 2012 Silver Proof Set. A release date is not yet available. This set contains proof minted examples of all the coins found circulation, and it is more popular with collectors as a result. The exact same quarters are included in it. Other coins minted from the precious metal are the Roosevelt dime and Kennedy half dollar.

Visit the United States Mint website at http://www.usmint.gov/ for more information or to purchase its latest collector set of coins. Annual sets containing the latest designed America the Beautiful Quarters which honor a national site in a state, U.S. territory or the District of Columbia will get released until at least 2021.

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