2012 Silver Proof Set Scheduled for June Release

Preliminary details from the United States Mint indicate it will offer the 2012 Silver Proof Set in June. A date of June 4 is currently listed in the government agency’s 2012 Scheduled Products Listing.

Based on other information released, the set’s price will be $67.95. Because the set has eight coins produced from 90% silver which adds up to a total weight of 1.338 troy ounces, its pricing can change depending on how silver prices move between now and its release. (See general U.S. silver set melt values or how this set’s melt value can change over time.

The 2012 Silver Proof Set is the second annual set released by the United States Mint this year. The first set included only quarters, and it was made available on January 10. The upcoming set includes these same 2012 America the Beautiful Quarters, but also has its dime and half dollar also produced in 90% silver. In total, 14 coins are offered in what the United States Mint describes as proof quality. This is a special minting process that results in coins with sharp details and mirror-like finishes. The 14 coins include (those with a star note are made from silver):

  • Lincoln Cent
  • Jefferson Nickel
  • Roosevelt Dime*
  • El Yunque Quarter representing El Yunque National Forest of Puerto Rico*
  • Chaco Culture Quarter representing Chaco Culture National Historical Park of New Mexico*
  • Acadia Quarter representing Acadia National Park of Maine*
  • Hawaii Volcanoes Quarter representing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park of Hawaii*
  • Denali Quarter representing Denali National Park of Alaska*
  • Kennedy Half Dollar*
  • Native American Dollar
  • Chester A. Arthur Presidential $1 Coin
  • Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 Coin (1st Term)
  • Benjamin Harrison Presidential $1 Coin
  • Grover Cleveland Presidential $1 Coin (2nd Term)

These coins are made inside the San Francisco Mint and therefore have a ‘S’ mintmark and protected within three different plastic lenses. Other coins that the United States Mint produces for daily commerce come from the Denver Mint or Philadelphia Mint.

Visit the United States Mint website at http://www.usmint.gov/ for more information or to purchase its latest collector set of coins.

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