Market Conditions Drag Silver Coin Melt Values to Four Year Low

The third quarter of 2014, which ended with September, was not kind to silver coin melt values as the associated silver market slumped to levels not seen in over four years. This significant drop was more than enough to wipe out the gains realized in values at the close of last quarter.   The London […]

Silver Coin Melt Values See Almost Double Digit Increases in June

Silver coin melt values realized significant earnings in June as the precious metal posted gains for the month. The market’s positive entry ended a three-month slide for melt values which started in March. Closing out June on the 30th, the London Fix for Silver came in at $20.87 an ounce. This equates to a bump […]

Coin Melt Values in May 2014 Drop as Silver Loses Ground

A continued slump in the silver market has now extended into three months bringing the melt values of silver coins down along with it. The London Fix for silver ended May 2014 down 1.4% from its position at the end of April. That loss was based on a Fix of $19 an ounce on the […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Down Slightly in April

Silver Coin Melt Values ended April 2014 in negative territory as the silver market continued its slump into a second month. While the losses were relatively minor, the cumulative effect over the last two months is approaching double digits. For April, silver trading ended on the 30th with a London Fix of $19.28 an ounce. […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Down for March, But Up for Quarter

March proved to be an interesting month for silver and the associated melt values of silver coins. That is because the period marked both significant declines and notable gains depending upon whether one references only the month or the quarter which it closed. For the month of February, silver ended down sharply with a London […]

Double Digit Gains Seen for Melt Values of Silver Coins in February

It was a very good month for silver and Silver Coin Melt Values in February as the precious metal made significant gains during the period. Silver ended February 2014 with a London Fix of $21.27 an ounce on the 28th. This was high enough to push the close to a double digit gain over where […]

Higher Silver Coin Melt Value Averages Seen In January Before Drop By Month’s End

January 2014 saw the average price of silver rise when compared to the previous month. This stands in contrast, however, to an end of month comparison which yields negative results. Along with that, associated  Silver Coin Melt Values also saw gains in monthly averages but declines when comparing the last trading day of the two […]

2013 Realizes Over One-Third Decline in Silver Coin Melt Values

To say that 2013 was not a banner year for Silver Coin Melt Values would be a bit of an understatement. Those watching silver and the associated melt values know that the precious metal lost over a third of its value in the year. To be precise, silver dropped a staggering $10.45 per ounce in […]

November 2013 Finds Silver Coin Melt Values Dropping 8.4%

November 2013 realized a depressed silver market as the precious metal ended the month down 8.4% from where it started. This decline for the white metal also brought down the associated US Silver Coin Melt Values to levels not seen in over three months. The London Fix for Silver for the last trading day of […]

Monthly Average Silver Coin Melt Values Fall in October

October 2013 tallied up some interesting results when it comes to the silver market which also affected the associated US Silver Coin Melt Values. As usual, gains and losses were seen during the month with a disparity shown when comparing end of month figures or monthly averages. If we look just at the end of […]

Franklin Half Dollars, and Other US Silver Coins, Saw Melt Values Rise 2.2%

Precious metal markets were largely in the positive territory when one looks at the most recent Friday to Friday London Fix comparison. This includes the silver market which, by default, also means associated Melt Values of US Silver Coins went up this week. Silver rose 2.2% for the period with an increase of 48¢ per […]

Middle October Sees Silver Coin Melt Values Rise 1.6%

It was a positive week for precious metals as the associated markets chalked up some significant gains based on a comparison of the Friday to Friday London Fix. These increases occurred mostly late in the week despite softer market conditions on Monday and Tuesday. As such, associated US Silver Coin Melt Values also rose. For […]

First Full Week of October Finds Silver Coin Melt Values Dropping 0.6%

US Silver Coin Melt Values fell slightly this week as the associated precious metal succumbed to downward pressure. The loss occurred despite early week gains which reversed trend on Wednesday. Based on a Friday to Friday comparison of the London Fix, silver lost 13¢ an ounce for the week. This equates to a drop of […]

Silver Coin Melt Value Averages Rise in September With End of Month Values Falling

September ended up being a contrary month when it comes to the silver market. If we look at the average price of silver during September, we see that the precious metal showed gains when comparing that average to August’s. However, if we just look at the end of the month values, a significant loss was […]

Melt Values of US Silver Coins Increase 4.7%

Robust returns were seen by the silver market this week as the precious metal climbed over a dollar an ounce from its position last Friday. Consequently, the Melt Values of US Silver Coins also rose along with the associated precious metal. Based on the Friday to Friday London Fix, silver jumped up $1.02 an ounce. […]


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