Melt Values of US Silver Coins Plummet 5.8% In Mid-September

Silver prices plummeted this week marking the second one in a row in which the market and associated Melt Values of US Silver Coins fell. The fall came after an early rally which saw the prices rise significantly on Monday. That bump up did not last, however, as by Wednesday the London Fix was at […]

Weekly US Silver Coin Melt Values Drop 2.5% in Early September

A four week trend of positive end of week silver values came to a halt as the market reversed course leading to a decline. As such, associated US Silver Coin Melt Values also recorded a loss this week ringing up to the tune of 59¢ an ounce based on a Friday to Friday London Fix […]

August 2013 Gains End Multi-Month Slide in Silver Coin Melt Values

Double digit gains were realized this month in the silver market hoisting associated Silver Coin Melt Values up along with it. In fact, silver coin melt values earlier in the week were at levels not seen in over four months before a small slide in the market occurred at week’s end. For August 2013, melt […]

Mid-August Silver Coin Melt Values Jump 12.4%

Silver prices rose this week by leaps and bounds with each successive day adding to the gains of the previous. By week’s end, silver and associated US Silver Coin Melt Values had risen by an amazing $2.52 per ounce realizing the largest weekly gain seen by the precious metal since January of 2012. Looking at […]

Melt Values of US Silver Coins Rise 4.4% First Week of August

Melt values of US Silver Coins shot up this week as the associated precious metal rose an impressive 85¢ an ounce based on the Friday to Friday London Fix figures. This marks the largest Friday to Friday gain seen for silver since January of this year. As a percentage. the melt values and associated silver […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Slide for Tenth Straight Month in July

Silver Coin Melt Values in July 2013 continued a depressing trend of lower monthly averages that go back now for a total of ten months. The US silver coin melt values have not posted a monthly average gain since September of 2012. This negative news comes despite the fact that the associated precious metal actually […]

Weekly Silver Coin Melt Values Rise 3.1% In Late July

Silver realized a significant gain this week in the market place bringing US Silver Coin Melt Values up along with it. For the week, the precious metal and associated melt values rose an impressive 3.1% with a Friday to Friday London Fix comparison jumping up by 60¢ per ounce. This marks the biggest weekly gain […]

US Silver Coin Melt Values Rise 2.4% In Early July

Good news in the silver market has been hard to come by in recent months, but this week ended up bucking that trend. Based on the Friday to Friday London Fix, US Silver Coin Melt Values rose a solid 2.4% marking the first weekly increase seen by silver since one month ago. For the week, […]

US Silver Coin Melt Values End June 2013 Down 37% For The Year

June 2013 was not a good month for the US silver coin melt values as continued downward pressure resulted in the silver market losing 16.4% of its value. That loss was realized in smaller intervals throughout the month with three successive weekly declines posted. The trend becomes even more gloomy as one looks further back […]

Melt Values of US Silver Coins Drop 8.4% In Mid-June

Melt values of US silver coins continued to slide this week as the precious metal market trended further in to negative territory. This resulted in the second week in a row for silver being down with the latest Fix marking a new low level not seen since 2010. For the seven day Friday to Friday […]

Mid June Silver Melt Values of US Coins Set New 2.5 Year Low

Precious metal enthusiasts were likely not in a good mood in recent days as the silver market took a significant dive. That downtrend also affected the associated silver melt values of US coins as the market fell to a new two and a half year low during the last seven day period. Silver prices recovered […]

Silver Melt Values of US Coins Flat First Week of June 2013

The silver market showed both positive and negative daily swings this week but, in the end, the precious metal closed out the seven day period relatively unchanged. As such, associated silver melt values of US coins also finished on Friday almost even with last week’s final Fix. Looking at the numbers sees the weekly change […]

May 2013 Marks 8th Month of Lower Melt Values for US Silver Coins

Silver enthusiasts were forced to bear another tough month in May 2013 as the precious metal realized a significantly lower average price per ounce than it had in April. Unfortunately, this also means that the melt values for US silver coins fell during the month. Silver averaged just $23.01 an ounce during May. This was […]

Melt Values for US Silver Coins Fall for Third Straight Week

Continuing a prolonged trend, silver and the associated melt values for US silver coins finished down again this week marking the third such result to occur in a row. As if that news was not bad enough for some, the precious metal also slid to a new 2.5 year low earlier in the week. Silver […]

US Silver Sets Re-Priced As Coin Melt Values Decline

Four silver sets offered by the United States Mint were briefly unavailable today, May 22, 2013, because they were pulled for re-pricing. Coin melt values of the silver sets have declined along with silver so the US Mint reduced their prices. US Mint products with new, lower prices include the 2013 US Silver Proof Set, […]


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