Third Weekly Increase Realized By Melt Values of US Silver Coins

Another good week for silver was realized as the precious metal made modest gains marking the third week in a row for improvements. Tied with those gains, Melt Values of US Silver Coins also rose with the metal and the associated melt values rising 23¢ an ounce based on the Friday to Friday London Fix. […]

Melt Values of US Silver Coins Rise 1.8% in Mid-July

For the second week in a row, melt values of US silver coins showed improvement based on the Friday to Friday London Fix comparison. Silver rose this week by 1.8% which followed last week’s early July bump of 2.4%. The precious metal gained $0.34 from last Friday. The London Fix for Silver for today, July […]

US Silver Coin Melt Values Rally After New 2.5 Year Low

New two and a half year lows were set this week by US Silver Coin Melt Values but those lows did not linger long as the precious metal rallied by Friday to even show a gain over last Friday’s London Fix. Before the rally, however, silver slid to $22.91 an ounce. The precious metal has […]

US Silver Coin Melt Values Drop To Lows Not Seen Since 2010

Precious metals were down across the board this week with silver taking the largest percentage drop. As such, related US Silver Coin Melt Values were also hit hard by the decline with lows not seen since 2010. For the week, silver dropped 13.6% with a decline of $3.74 an ounce based on the Friday to […]

Monthly US Silver Coin Melt Values End March Down Over 1%

March 2013 ended down slightly for US Silver Coin Melt Values when compared to their position at the end of February. Using the last trading day of each month finds that Silver Coin Melt Values have dropped 1.1% from where they were. This is based on the London Fix for Silver for February 28, 2013 […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Drop 8.1% Last Full Week Before Christmas

Investors and collectors may have a little less Christmas cheer this season as Silver Coin Melt Values realized another weekly decline. This is the third weekly decline seen for silver and the associated coin melt values based on the Friday to Friday London Fix for the precious metal. Silver shed a massive 8.1% for the […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Increase Second Week In a Row

Silver Coin Melt Values showed improvement again this week marking the second in a row in which the precious metal realized increases. The London Fix for silver for Friday, August 17, 2012 was $28.20 an ounce. This was an increase of $0.32 from the Fix of last Friday, or a jump of 1.1%. In two […]

Silver Ends Last Full Week of July Up 2.4%

Silver Coin Melt Values ended the week up as they were brought higher by a silver market that showed some improvement. The precious metal weekly increase ended at a positive 2.4% based on Friday to Friday comparisons. The increase comes after last weeks 1.5% drop which itself followed a slight 0.6% increase from the week […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Slide 1.5% For the Week

The silver market looked like a roller-coaster of ups and downs this last week taking Silver Coin Melt Values along for the ride. In the end, the precious metal slid 1.5% for the week based on Friday to Friday comparisons. This decrease of a percent and a half comes one week after silver showed a […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Realize First Weekly Increase in Seven Weeks

Silver Coin Melt Values finally realized their first weekly increase this Friday after seven straight weeks of declines. While modest, the increase for the week was 2.9% as the precious metal had a London Fix on Friday, June 8, 2012 of $28.17 an ounce, up $0.79 from Friday. Silver would still need to go up […]

Silver Set Melt Values Realize Sixth Weekly Decline

Silver continued a negative slide that is now in its sixth week bringing Silver Set Melt Values down along with it along with it. However, like last week, Friday’s Fix for the precious metal realized a rally from earlier in the week where it had tread even further into negative territory. The London Fix for […]

Silver Coin Melt Values Down Another 2% This Week

The precious metal silver shed 2% for the week bringing Silver Coin Melt Values down along with it. The London Fix for Silver for today (April 27, 2012) was $31.14 an ounce. Matters could have been worse, however, as silver actually was much lower earlier in the week before showing a rally on Friday. The […]


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