November 2013 Finds Silver Coin Melt Values Dropping 8.4%

1922 Peace Dollar

Silver Coins, such as this 1922 Peace Dollar, lost over 8% in November

November 2013 realized a depressed silver market as the precious metal ended the month down 8.4% from where it started. This decline for the white metal also brought down the associated US Silver Coin Melt Values to levels not seen in over three months.

The London Fix for Silver for the last trading day of the month (November 29th) came in at just $19.93 an ounce. This was a drop of $1.82 an ounce from the 1st of the month which had a Fix of $21.75.

Looking for the low point for November points to the 25th when the Fix came in at $19.71. The last time silver traded at a lower level than that was August 7th when the Fix was $19.27.

Averages for the month do not paint a rosy picture either. In November, the average London Fix was $20.76 an ounce. We must look back to July to find a month with a lower average since it came in at $19.71. Every month since that has been above the $21.92 per ounce level.

Silver coin melt values have dropped accordingly, For example, a 1921-1935 Peace Dollar had an approximate melt value average of $16.95 last month. In November, the average melt value of the silver coin fell to just $16.06. This is based on the 0.77344 troy ounces of silver found in each.

The chart below shows the average London Fix for Silver for the last several months. It also shows the dollar change per ounce and the percentage increase or decrease from the previous period.

Average Monthly London Fix for Silver Comparison

Average London Fix
for Silver
$ Change
% Change
November 2013
October 2013
September 2013
August 2013
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013
April 2013
March 2013
February 2013
January 2013
December 2012
November 2012
October 2012
September 2012


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