1971-1974 Blue Eisenhower Dollar

Eisenhower Dollar coins made their debut appearance in 1971. The coin features an obverse portrait of former General of the Army and President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower who had died in 1969. The reverse of the coin features an image of an eagle landing on the moon emblematic of the Apollo 11 mission insignia.

These dollars were struck for circulation, but the U.S. Mint also produced special 40% silver versions for inclusion in special collector releases. One such release was the uncirculated Eisenhower Silver Dollar which appeared from 1971-1974. These coins were struck at the San Francisco Mint facility and carried the "S" mint mark.

The dollar coins were sealed in a pocket on a plastic sheet along with a blue plastic piece sealed in a separate pocket. The sheet was then placed in a blue envelope which led to the release being called the "Blue Eisenhower Dollars" or the "Blue Ikes." This contrasted with the Proof Eisenhower Dollars released at the same time in brown boxes which came to be called "Brown Eisenhower Dollars" or "Brown Ikes."

Historical 1971-1974 Blue Eisenhower Dollar Silver Melt Values

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Coin Included in the 1971-1974 "Blue" Eisenhower Dollar Release

The Eisenhower Dollar included in the set was struck from 40% silver with a total silver weight of 0.3161 ounces.


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