2010-2013 Quarters Silver Proof Sets

Beginning in 2010, the United States Mint started releasing strikes as part of the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. As such, the Quarters Silver Proof Sets (established in 2004) continued by showcasing 90% silver proof quality examples of the circulating quarters issued for the year.

Under the terms of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, five new quarter dollars are issued annually (2021 showcases one final design). This is the same number per year as seen as part of the 50-State Quarters® Program which ran from 1999-2008, but one less than had been issued as part of the 2009 DC & US Territories Quarters Program.

The obverse of the quarters in the new series still showcase a portrait of George Washington as originally designed by John Flanagan. The reverses, however, contain unique designs emblematic of sites of national interest. Upon the conclusion of the America the Beautiful Quarters Program in 2012, one site will have been honored from every U.S. state, each U.S. territory and the District of Columbia. The order of release for the coins was dictated by the order in which a selected site came under the direct control of the federal government.

Historical 2010-2013 Quarters Silver Proof Sets Melt Values

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All five quarters issued each year as part of the proof set are struck at the U.S. Mint’s facility in San Francisco. They are each encased together in one protective lens.

Coins Included in the 2010-2013 Silver Quarters Proof Set

  • Five Washington Quarters representing the America the Beautiful Quarters for a specific year *struck from 90% silver

The five quarters of the set have a total silver weight of 0.90420 ounces.


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